Sunday, March 6, 2011

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Calbrese Stuns The Ox

Hey Fans, T-Producer here.  In what has to be the greatest upset in NRW History, Dave Calbrese SQUASHED The Ox.  That's right, he not only beat him, The Ox never even mounted an offensive.

Calbrese was waiting in the ring for Orlando "The Ox" Ortiz's arrival.  As Ortiz stepped through the ropes, Calbrese attacked and mercilessly pounded on the big guy for the entire fight.  In the final moments, Calbrese hit The Ox so hard in the jaw, the big man spun in a circle and fell hard, out cold.

I never would have expected this outcome in a hundred years, but it just goes to show you that any fighter can win any match on any given day.  This now confuses matters, however.  We were expecting The Ox to defend the title against Flash and Drake, but he doesn't hold the title anymore and the way the contracts were written, those two would face The Ox only if he was the champion.

There is a surprise twist, however.  Someone from NRW's past that we haven't seen in nearly two years contacted us after watching this battle and proclaimed "I want a shot at Calbrese."  We won't reveal who that is yet, however, but you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

An EPIC Battle is coming this weekend!

Orlando "The Ox" Ortiz is a 6 ft tall 225 pound pile of pure muscle who is on a collision course with the equally ripped, but smaller, Dave Calbrese.  The history behind The Ox is that he was hired by the President of NRW to travel to Russia and get the belt back from Yuri...the coward that won the best last year then fled the country rather than give Flash a rematch.  Well, he beat the hell out of Yuri and brought the belt back.  Currently that makes The Ox the NRW Champion, which means everyone wants to fight him.  His first real challenge will come against Dave Calbrese.  Can our talented young pro withstand a bearhug from The Ox?  We will soon see.  Post your thoughts on what you're expecting when these two fight this weekend!

See THE OX in action, below.

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